Saturday, December 31, 2011

curves on top would be gravy

Can Use Big Words says:  "I'm talking so big that they have their own moons orbiting and life evolved on them (Okay...). I'm taling so massive, that sometimes when you walk by little kids they stare and run into things. get up stare some more and then fall again. So big that guys cant help but look at them and sure it makes you uncomfortable, but at the end of the day you embrace it. Lets be honest with eachother. You're on here because you are lacking something and so am I. I'd like to have a LTR with a quality woman. But I have to be honest. I have a big time breast fetish. I like to cuddle, touch please message... hell you'll prob slap my hand away from them 10 times a day, but then again you may also grab them and ask me to touch them, because I treat ladies boobies very nice. Most guys do not actually pay breasts more than 5-10 mins of attention and then its on to "bigger and better" things. ... if you want hours of attention there, you got it. With a smile.

I'm funny. I'm not very handsome but built gr8 if I do say so myself. jk haha I'm for real. I have blue eyes that would make the color turquoise blush... or something. I'm manly. i can fix nada (You can't fix anything? You want to paw at boobs all day and you can't fix stuff?). I'm also well educated (Highly doubt that.)... i can school people in stuff. And I'm athletic... I can use big words and that will manifest itself early and often

That makes me a man (What makes you a man? Using big words you wouldn't be able to spell correctly? If being an idiot is considered manly...then sure!). BUt I do have a bearded face and I do love to cuddle... which makes me a manboy. Dont get scurred flash dance. I'll treat you right if you treat me right. I have my head on straight. Oh and I'm in good shape and I have a beautiful furry pee pee (WTH?!). Confirmed by science. It wont win any giant of the month awards, but its above avg and it will make a girl smile.

2012 in america w t f!!!! Well life has dealt me a bizarre hand. I am a sub 6 foot(thats under 6 feet tall for all you below the learning curvers) white male. And females in this day and age r like the politicians in that neither of them DO DI#K!!! anymore.Lesbos,stuck ups,no funs,tight asses,those who only roll with black guys--get me that time machine back to the 70's while i grow this foo man choo and sideburns and do it quick!Back to the loooove era!!

Butttt I do love how Hispanic girls dress and make up and exotic women. I love milfs. I love you if you fit my description. Moms LOVE them some me. But Dads know better. They will be lookin at me with the nasty stare cus they know what i do to their daughter and her delicious boobies (Wow).
Write "Are you worthy of my boobies" in the subject. Stop being a square you're whole life and just email me. I joke alot but I can be very serious. Im sorry not into black woman :(   (They won't mind) "

You're not worthy of Mantits' "boobies". Even he has some standards. Slither along now.

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