Wednesday, June 13, 2012

random pleasures

Has Amazing Stamina says: "Ate you looking for just a random roll in the hay? Feeling a bit hot and bothered? Well hows this sound get in ur car pick me up and let me go down on you! (It's a wonder we're still sitting here and not high tailing it over to take you up on that offer...) I just moved here from NYC and have the desire to see if southern girls are as freaky as I hear they are (Where are you getting your information? Dukes of Hazzard? You're in the heart of the bible belt. If by freaky you mean doing it with the light on once in a while, you might be in luck.). I am 44, drug and disease free and have amazing stamina. This is for any local woman who has the itch that needs a good scratching (Crabs?). It can be rather simple, you pick me up, we can find a nice quiet place and I will please you every way you like (Will you punch yourself in the face?)
When ur satisfied, drop me off and drive away, pretty simple. Contact me so we can work out the details. Safe sex only, condoms ate a must (Damn... Hate using condoms while having casual encounters with weirdos from Craigslist. How are we supposed to make babies like that???) and I m well stocked. Married women who's old man ain't quite doing his job are very welcome. Put "bone me" in the subject line. Recent photo a must or ur reply will be ignored."

Male Fantasy cartoon was created by Studs of Craigslist. 

Has Amazing Stamina's ad was submitted by Ellen. 
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