Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Domestic wanted

Married Professionals say: "Do you have it all but just need some stability and support --  (Have you always dreamed of being a hooker?)

Married professionals vgl, hwp, open and liberal willing to share their home with the right person. Cleaning, laundering and ironing, grounds, cooking -- physical interaction as a bonus --- a happy healthy home life as the goal

(You want a sex worker, who also cleans your house and takes care of your yard? And you expect that to somehow lead to a happy, healthy home life? Okay... So, when you have friends and family over how do you introduce your sex worker? "This is Jane. She does a fantastic job of blowing me and the walkway! Yea, in exchange for a place to live she takes care of the yard work and our 'personal needs'. Found her on Craigslist.")

Please put "looking in tompkins county" in the subject line or we won't read the ad ---- a simple instruction like that must be followed"

Do ads like these solicit responses? Are there sex worker/house and grounds keepers out in Ithaca? Seems like something straight out of a cheesy porno. 

Married Professionals' ad was submitted by a reader. Thanks! Reader submissions are always appreciated. 


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