Wednesday, October 3, 2012

gigalo - m4w - 19

Who needs a gigolo?!  Instead of getting sex for free from all of the men giving it away on Craigslist, how about you pay for it? Yea, that doesn't make sense to me either. But good try!

Gigalo says: "I am a gigalo just here for work minimum $20 an hour or quicky no older than 50 years old must be at your place. No marriages, kids, crazy exs or boyfriends. My looks should not be important as long as your getting your kicks who cares bout looks. Will not go down on women but do expect it to be done to me up to you if you want to stop will not force anything (No, of course you're not going to force it. That would be rape. Then you'd end up being someone's bitch in a jail cell.).. Rubbers will be used and provided. Not opened. Contact me. Must work with my schedual and must be legal age and clean. No refunds complete confidentiality."

Let's think this over. 

So not only is he charging, but he's also unattractive.

There's no way he's lasting an hour. I can tell you that. His rate and refund policy are for when he busts a nut after 20 seconds and you are left sorely disappointed. Notice it doesn't say anything about kicking his ass, though. Be sure to point that out when he's on the floor crying. Then, you can tell him you charge $20 per ass kicking and take your money back.

Wait it gets even better! He won't go down on anyone but expects to receive blow jobs. That's right. He expects it. What kind of gigolo are you? You're going to get paid to get head? And you are not attractive? And you don't give refunds?! I think you need to read the job description again.

But he does use and provide condoms. They are even in unopened packages! Surely a selling point... 

A bit of Stud Wisdom: If you're gonna pay for sex, go all out and get yourself someone worth paying for. Not a 19 year old douche bag trying to get laid. 

Gigalo's ad was submitted by a reader. Thanks! 
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