Hall of Shame

~The Hall of Shame~

The Hall of Shame features Studs of Craigslist's most notable studs. 

Fun and Flippant Fellow says:  "I find myself most attracted to smart, verbal types who have an internal sense of equilibrium and enthusiasm; a woman who is confident without being patronizing and has just a bit of an edge to complement her otherwise genteel attitude. Oh and a silly, playful element combined with a penchant for the sublime that makes it all complete, as life's too short to take it all too seriously.

If you think you might be that participating cohort, please drop me a communiqué with an accompanying photo telling me why.

Do you really need a small appliance or are you looking for love?"

We'll take the toaster oven please.

2. Gilbert 

Phoenix Naturist and Rodentry, Inc
Ooh a club! 

Gilbert says: "There are limited members at this time to membership has not built up yet. That is no big surprise to me however people have to think about this lifestyle it took me 10 years to actually come out of the closet so to speak. So on that note at present it is just a place to enjoy the pleasures of nudity, relax and maybe even fish in the large spring fed creek. Good chance to bring friends in if you can talk them in it. I am 50 year old single so you can bring me a 28+ year old female I only wish. LOL No fee for membership at this time (You might want to consider paying people to join). Several tents are already in place if they are needed. I have one big one with extra space, get this the rats have two decent size tents to themselves, the husky,bluehealer does his own thing. Then there are two additional fair size tents available. Also a screen house with five chairs. Waterproof storage bins for whatever they are needed for. We are in fact an affiliate as of Sep. 1, 2011 of the AANR at present I am a regular card carrying member. www.aanr.com This facility was not intended to be a nude resort with pool and all, it is more for a total admiration of nature and what she has to offer which also partly explains why I am Wiccan and the club is Wiccan based for the most part anyway. There are lots of wooded property to be enjoyed, the main area is clear. I worked my ass off for the first week as I was getting things ready, heck at one point 65 hours no sleep, just had to get it done. I am determined like that (Ah...so you do drugs. That explains a lot). Hope to enjoy your company here. Oh one comment you might wonder about the rat they are sort of the mascots, I have raised and rescued them since 1999 and know the little guys and gals well they are Domestic Fancy Pet Rats and of course they are in cages in their tents. Don't worry about the membership not being built up yet, personally as director I will enjoy smaller groups at a time more open opportunity for everything avaliable. Of course it is not the focus at all but the property is graced by a 3000 sq ft home above the club area and it is open for use if needed, sort of an ellegant country charm inside and completely, fully furnishied. Don't use it much but in the winter, myself but if I happen to find a roommate through the club I will propbaly use it more. I am looking for someone however any relationshipo here at PhoenixNaturistClubAndRodentry, Inc. MUST be AT least some level ABOVE NSA as per club rules and just a note I would have to be with someone here at the club, as directory I do not have much option to leave the property except on quick erronds. Club rules are also absolutly NO CLOTHES that one should go without saying. There is a place up at the house to leave clothes on the way down to the Club property and this MUST be respected, only exception would be once in a while Wicca Meetings, Wiccam Meeting are clothing optional."

So basically there's a 50 year old naked guy hanging out...literally, by himself in the woods with some rats. You don't have to pay to hang out with him or his rats. You just have to be naked too and should probably not have any cats. 

Hmmm...Kinda doesn't sound like much of a club when you put it like that.



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