Thursday, February 2, 2012

You need to know the CODE

Someone took it upon themselves to "break the code" of CL lingo for you. Lucky day.

The Decoder says: "This is a public service announcment. Consider this your CL Rossetta Stone.
It can be used to decode the posts and response you will hear from guys in the Charlote area.
Let me know if it helps.

Woman love my tongue = I have a small dick so I compensate
I'm attractive = Girls at the strip club think I'm hot.
I'm very attractive = My secretary gave me a BJ at the Co Xmas party
I'm athletic = I played golf in HS 15 years ago.
I've got 8" of good lovin = Whatever they say, subtract 2"
I can't host = Married or GF with kids
Discreet = Meaning Varies (I'm married, I don't care if your married, or ur too ungly to be seen with)
Let's have sex in the car = I'm married and I'm cheap.
I'm mature = I know how to please a woman, (but sometimes I'm lazy).
Professional = I'm stressed out most of the time.
I'm young, hard & hot = Foreplay is for pussies
If there's no cock pics = He's confident you'll like it, when you see it.
If there's no body pics = He is way over weight. 300lbs<
NSA = NSA, don't get attached to the dick
I love to eat pussy = You must be shaved, clean and semi flexible.
I know how to please = You should be orgasmic, cause I can't raise the dead.
I like white BBW's = I'm African American
I want to hook up tonight = I just jerked off on the key board looking at your pic."

Thanks. This will be immensely helpful for all of those people who live under rocks....and have wifi.

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