Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tired of Looking?

Dipwad says: "Hello Internet.

(Hello Dipwad.)

Right now I'm looking for just sex (You don't say...), but I can be persuaded otherwise (Oh, sure. Tons of women will be staying up all night trying to figure out how. Mmhmm.).
I'm looking for a somewhat active, independent girl. Definitely someone who will weigh less than me!
(Cue the music: Click Here)
I am not a bulging muscle mass, I have to get back into fitness, but for now life's hectic...
(So it's okay for you to be an out of shape slob, but not the women you want to bone?)I'm a moderate drinker, don't smoke. I don't judge, neither should you (That means when he's drunk at 11am you shouldn't open your pie hole about it).
I'm very creative, independently minded, and intelligent.

Here are some ground rules, these will help me determine that you are a real person (And that you ACTUALLY READ my post.)

1. I'm not looking to hire a prostitute (No, you're not looking to hire because that means you have to pay. But if there were any hookers out there needing to do some community service...he could be persuaded...we are sure of that.)
2. I absolutely must have you send me a photo. I posted one to prove I'm real, now you do the same.
3. I will NOT follow any links to sites where I am supposed to upload personal information.

(Even though I put that there, I will get emails from THEM, so please hurry up and send me a message!)

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  1. Omg! What a dog! I don't know if it's the crazy hair or the Chester the Molester mustache *shivers* yuck!