Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Car meat tonight

A lesson in spelling from Studs of Craigslist: 

meat = food
meet = gathering

Unless of course times have gotten so hard for some people that they can't even afford ramen noodles and  are chewing on cars...

Car Meat Enthusiast says: "Hey anyone trying to go to the car meat to tonight it starts a 7 and ends whenever people ask me what it's like and I tell them it's like what you see on the fast and furious so if your interested just let me know thanks"

Yea... It's like what you see in The Fast and the Furious, just with out the fast and furious parts or attractive people with muscles and stuff. BUT there are cars! and meat? or something... 

Car Meat Enthusiast's ad was submitted by Ellen. Thank you! Reader submissions are always appreciated!

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