Thursday, November 15, 2012

Champagne of Massage

"Good afternoon, ladies, how are you? (A bit sleepy, but okay.) Are you suffering from stress and tension that calls for relief and relaxation? (Well, maybe...) Examine the interconnection between the mind and body. (What?) This is a high quality therapeutic rub-down. (Uh huh...) Many, many high ratings on performance. (From who?) Reputable, trustworthy.  Six ft. tall, relatively strong build (I'd say relatively doughy, guaging from the picture.), caucasian. Friends consider me to be easy to get along with and trustworthy. (Whether or not that counts for anything depends on who your friends are. Are they crack addicts? Meth dealers? Ex cons? Details matter.) I conduct myself in a professional manner. A Double-Headed Vibrating Electric Massage Wand can be used in addition. (Where did you pick that thing up from? Walmart?) You can feel serene and tranquil. >>Incall, or Drive to you. (That's what people ought to do. Give a weirdo from Craigslist with a massage wand their address. Oh yea.)"

You could have at least cleaned the mirror before taking this picture. Ya know give some kind of impression of cleanliness...

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