Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fixed male - 51

He's been neutered. 

Fixed Male says: "Hey, I am a 51 yr old, 6'4", healthy, guy from Eugene. I have lived here for most of 14 years. I'm living next to LCC. With friends I have know for 8 years ( stable couple) (He is mooching their stability for his own image).  I have not been married or had kids. I have not been in jail (county or state) (Never thought to inquire whether "never been to jail" meant one or both.). I am a passing intellectual and a lefty/libertarian. Although I was raised super religious and served 3 years in the Marines, I am neither! I'm looking for a longer term relationship. Pretty sure I would not like to move in together but nights over would be great. I have never been clingy mean or jealous. I would expect the same. I am not some one who cheats. If someone is worth being with they should be good enough until things are over. My life in not filed with drama although I like to think I deal with crises well. I have done a lot of traveling: Hawaii Seattle Eastern Oregon. I always come back to Eugene. Any town that Rush Limbaugh hates must be great. I am mostly a stay at home guy but this leads to strong needs to travel. I am of course willing to cancel future travel or limit it for you. I will warn you I am not well off. I make about $1000 a month. I am working on this (How so? By finding a girlfriend with a job, perhaps??). I surrendered the car for a bus pass and a bike. And I'm loving it (Sure you are.). Please don't let my age fool ya. Most of my friends are around 35. I'm looking for someone who is at least a little silly and care free but not nuts. I'm good at sniffing out nuts (Are you?!). It only takes a few simple sentence/questions to ferret out most . I don't like most popular music, shows, media but i love music movies media. I like foreign music (india, asia,middle eastern) . One last thing for now, no heavies (Because grown men living at their friends', without stable employment, and no car can be picky like that!).

While you're sniffing out the nuts , you might want to go ahead and take a whiff of yourself. Lookin' kind of nutty.

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