Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you have a 'butt' like this? If so, I want to meet you - 45

Butt Pirate has been kind enough to include this picture of some random girl's butt for you to refer to. Go check the mirror now and see if you're up to his "standards".

Butt Pirate says: I am a 45 year old male who is seeking one womans company however, I have a 'type'.

This posting is 100% real and I want to find a woman who has a 'butt' like the picture you see. Just like the legs too if possible.

Get in touch with a picture or two of you and your 'butt' and Ill get back with you.

You MUST enjoy your 'butt' being 'enjoyed' by a wonderful, hansdome, romantic, sexual single male.

Subject line......'my A--" is ready.

I am craving a butt like this!!"

We're no experts on butts, but we're willing to wager this one belongs to a woman far to young for you weirdo. Stop taking pictures of people's asses while standing in lines. That's creepy.

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