Sunday, January 1, 2012

BHM - SEXY & CURVY - NOT HUGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like how he slips the "unemployed" in there. Almost missed it with all the other stuff going on in the ad.

BHM says: "Hey....

Thick dude, not stick skinny anorexic, but not 927 lbs thick either!!!!!!!!!. Curvy in all of the right places. I'm a Big Handsome Male (BHM)...that's apparently the new acronym for fat guys!!!!!!!!!!

Fat, non-balding, unemployed, toothful, haired, educated, nice guy (who is trying hard to change and adapt to the women who are disgusted by nice guys out here, so cut me some slack. A guy can't go from being nice to treating a woman like crap overnight!!!)

My likes are comedy, 80's music, politics and movies.

I don't smoke and will not smoke to be a "bad boy"...even if it means I can get a "hot" chick. Same with drugs. Never tried them and won't. I enjoy alcohol responsibly.

I will keep my cats, even if "bad boys" do not have cats and "hot" women will not date guys with cats.

Since I'm trying to break my nice guy image/personality, I'll say that I PROBABLY won't knock you around and PROBABLY won't cheat on you. I MAYYYYYYYY even kiss you on the first date!!!!!!!!!! I'm throwing caution to the wind here ladies.

My Big Handsome Man photo is current, whether you consider that a good thing or not, it's at least true.

So, for all of you good looking women who go for bad boys.....I'm trying here...sometimes, I won't shave for THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even have SEVERAL leather jackets!!!!!!!! I like my cars, cool and the music in my car loud! Cool cars and hot women.

So, why don't you take me out for a drink and see what you think??????? See this "BH bad boy" up close and personal. Whateva.

Please put BAD BOY in the subject line and a RECENT photo or two of YOU and tell me in the body why I should trust you enough to talk to you and why you even wrote me?????????

HMU b*tches.

Peace out."

Let's extract the important information here...


... he wants someone to take him out and to kiss that someone. Yea right.

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