Monday, January 14, 2013

Searching for you..... - 35

"Donna" says: "Attention ladies!!!!!! I am searching for 10 ladies 21-45 (all shapes, sizes and ethnic groups) to help me show my roomate/ bestfriend/ fb a great time and to make this his best birthday present ever!!! 36th birthday Celebration to start on Feb 8 at 7:00 pm til? His birthday is actually the 11th of Feb.

We will take him out dancing downtown...... (if you don't drink that's ok cuz I will need a couple designated drivers if can't get limo). Afterward we will bring the party back to my home on James Island where we will be dressing up like belly dancers and dance around him like his harem...... give him a massage from head to toe, (YOU DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM) (Alright, now assuming this is genuinely Donna searching for these women and not Bday boy himself... you intend to have a bunch of women dance around this man in skimpy outfits, rub him down, and NOT have sex with him? Best bday ever how exactly? Sounds craptastic, if that's actually what is going on here. "Here, friend. I have brought you beautiful naked women who will not sleep with you. Happy birthday!" That's like a bad dream you're happy to wake up from.)We will model for him in different outfits...... ie... evening gown, swimsuit, lingerie, sexy costumes, etc...... (Lingerie! It keeps getting better... Guessing Donna doesn't actually like Bday boy.)

You each will be given a T-shirt to take home tooo! Hopefully we will be wearig these in the hot tub...... (Ooooh! A T-shirt? And I was just wondering what was in it for me??) There will be plenty of food and drinks as well. All I ask is that when we go outdancig you dance with HIM and each other not other guys, this is HIS night, TREAT him like a king! Don't get too drunk that you throw up or pass out (You sure know how to rain on a person's parade.). You don't have to stay the whole weekend but I do have plenty of room to crash if you want.

If you wanna have fun and you're interested, please email pic and your phone #. Put KING in subject line so I know you are real.



PS... He loves RED HIGH HEELS!"

What do you think? Was this Donna's bad idea or Bday boy being lame? Perhaps a combination of both. 

Here's a pic in the event you have a pair of red heels you've been itchin' to wear and want to "crash" at a complete stranger's house in your complimentary wet T-shirt...


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