Monday, January 21, 2013

Ladies:lets make a baby. Sperm donor or responsible baby daddy4you

 Starting to think Craigslist really does need to make a new section in the personal ads for sperm donors. Maybe someone, somewhere is looking for a good deal on baby making juice.

Baby Daddy4you says: "White guy here 37yrs old and looking for a woman who would like to have a baby but has either not met a willing man or does not want a man in her life. I would prefer to assist the child's mother and be active in the child's life and help out both financially with child support as well as in all ways in which a father should help. I would expect to trust and be friends and co-parents with the child's mother so there would be no need for baby momma/daddy drama, jealousy, paternity tests, or other childish games since we are adults. Also, if the woman strictly wants a sperm donation and nothing else from the father then I would be open to helping with that as well and it could be through either sex or at home insemination. Drug and disease free here and looking for the same and someone who is serious. This would be something that obviously I would want the woman to be comfortable with so I would be open to agreeing with her terms upfront, in writing and in front of notary if she chooses. If interested, please put the name of your county in the subject block of your reply."

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