Sunday, January 6, 2013

A hunk for any age

A hunk of weirdness, that is. 

On a positive note you could share earrings with him and he could help you with shaving your eyebrows, or something... 

A Hunk says: " Hi

I'm sick of typing these, I'm TOP CLASS for any aged white slender woman who is decent looking, please write... come to my place, it's a music studio and an upscale house and hood... very...

i'm very cool, and good at doing you (That's presumptuous.)... making you feel comfy, as well as very full (Uh huh...)

I'm a programmer, 6 ft, 200 pnds, fit, jog, work at home on computer programming mostly, also music, video, successful, educated, clean.. educated in love and woman, and life and class, all over the world (Whatever you want to hear to get into your pants. That's what he means.)

write to me, please !!!!!!!!!!!"

Think him and Nut Sniffer should get together. They look like they'd hit it off.
*Page contains nudity. Click on link at one's own discretion*

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