Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bat the Goth

Bat is tired of women beating down his momma's door only to use him for his man parts.

From Bat: "My name is Bat. I am 33 years old. Been single for three and a half years and it is killing me big time. I am searching for a brunette female anywhere from the age of 21 to 33. blond or redheads are ok, but I prefer a girlfriend with brown hair. thats just me.

yes I am a Goth guy, but I am not a witch or a warlock. i'm just in the Goth scene like other Goth people because of the clothing and music. I'm also a Goth DJ. You don't have to be a Goth chick to by my girlfriend. I know alot of people in the Goth scene who's lover is a regular person and not Goth. absolutely nothing wrong with that. you can either be Goth or a regular to be my girlfriend as long as you're a brunette...thats the only catch!

NOTE: I am NOT here to get laid, to do a one night stand, mess around right away for a day. I am here to find someone to get into a relationship with. I take things slow. I do things one at a time when starting a new relationship. So if you're some slutty female who wants to get laid right away (like some other chic wanted to do with me) THEN THE DOOR IS THAT WAY-------------------------------------------->."

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  1. Oh man, he prefers brown hair. Way to let a redhead down, dream date.