Friday, July 22, 2011

Too Much Time on the Farm...

You're spending too much time on the farm when you start speaking of yourself and potential mates in terms of livestock. Unless this really is a post written by a goat and in that case the proper place would be Farm+Garden in the classifieds. A typing goat isn't very likely given the hooves make it nearly we're gonna go ahead and assume that this is indeed just another nut job writing from an animal's perspective. See Typing Cat!

Not-So-Old Goat says: " We goats are damn picky, and we know just what we want when we reach a certain age. She should be udderly prominent and possessed of a suitably round rump, with that luminescent sheen that comes from good health and a certain largesse. She should be randy and like to kick up her heals on occasion and enjoy a good nuzzling afterward. She should not have (or want) a young brood following her around.

Send response with picture (does not have to be of udders)."  

Oh my.... don't know 'bout you but it really gets us "randy" when someone starts talkn 'bout udders.

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