Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deceptive Advertisement at its Finest

It starts off good.

Somebody's Grandpa says: "Only looking for some kindness...."

and well that's nice. He goes on saying...

"Some one to drop by once a week or so, for conversation..."

awww sweet...

"...maybe a little make-out, touchy-feely, or more ( your call)"

Whoa! Slow down grandpa...we just went from kindness to groping. That's a little more than kind where we come from. 

In another ad posted we find this:

Somebody's Grandpa says: "More importantly, I play harp and have pretty nimble fingers. My fingers will never finish before you do. No matter how many orgasms you wish to enjoy. Unlike that guy you pick up somewhere, who's done ina few minutes, my fingers will not go flaccid."

We're just gonna go ahead and point out the flaw in pop pop's marketing scheme here....That other guy's fingers won't either.

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