Wednesday, July 27, 2011

must love dogs

Well that's a bit of a double standard now isn't it?

Dejected Hypocrite says: "Hi m justin im a 22 yr old i just got out of a relationship that ennded badly she didnt realy love me. im looking for that speaical some one. im 5;4 200 pounds. you some extra baggedge is ok as long as our not too big "

That last part translates into something like "If you have some extra baggage its ok as long as you are not too big"....we think anyway. His height to weight proportions are equivalent to an obese Oompa-Loompa. What could be considered as too big?

We're picturing something like this....

and if that's what too big means... Then ok. BUT a 5'4", 200lb guy can't be too choosy.

Accompanying music for this post: NOFX-Hotdog in a Hallway

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