Sunday, December 25, 2011

alone on cristmas go figure

No car?                                              Check!
No money?                                        Check!
No job?                                              Check!
Married?                                            Check!

Yup, he's everything you'd expect a Craigslist stud to be. He gets bonus points for mentioning NASCAR not once, not twice, but THREE times!

Prefers BBW says: "Hello first off i am glad to be in a new location I am from Fayetteville North Carolina. I am ex Army and going to the nascar technical institute. I am just trying to start my life over and rebuild, my ex wife rueind me so i am not divorced yet it will be final this coming year. my main goal is to graduate college and start a new career weather it be in nascar or a dealership working on cars. I want to find the right woman for me some one who i can trust and spend time with, i like nascar, hard rock music i am a drummer too. i just want to find some one that has the same intrest in me I prefer BBW women but a nice petete woman is a plus kids are okay but i want my own some day. i will have my car by the end of the month just waitng for my education bennefits to kick in. but just meeting some one and talking would be nice"

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