Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Get it straight

Dashing Gentleman says: "OK...I'm admittedly a bit naive. I was in a relationship with one girl throughout all my twenties pretty much (22-28) and I've recently been thrust into the dating scene after I was forced to dump her for cheating on me...and frankly it sucks. What I have learned in the six months that I have been conversing with members of the opposite sex is that women appear to be horribly...HORRIBLY confused about what it is they want. I see ads and hear complaints from women about how they want a guy who is honest, kind, loving, caring, responsible etc. etc. ad nauseum but then when I show up, me being someone who possesses all of the qualities just described, I'm ignored and I watch the very girl who said she wanted all of the afore mentioned qualities in her mate fall for a man who I can clearly see is a hornball moron douchebag...So GET IT STRAIGHT LADIES!
Now you may be saying to yourself, "oh well he must be ugly or perhaps he is short or he's a pussy or there is something ostensibly wrong with him".

I tell you this is simply not true. I am a dashing gentleman of 5'11" ft in height, who rides motorcycles and will gladly knock some jackass's lights out if he crosses a line. By all measures, I belive myself to be a very attractive male in all regards. I'm well off, I hold down a steady job, I have my own house, I am applying to law school, I am articulate, an engaging conversationalist and I am most certainly not lacking in the area of passion. And yet, despite my entertaining stories, winsome smile and excellent qualities, I've failed to entice a lady to build a relationship with me beyond friendship and I've even watched as some of the ladies I've courted defer to morons who have to ride scooters around because of their multiple DUI's. Perhaps I am simply not finding the right ladies? I do not know. I'd really like to have a lady to snuggle with on these cold nights...well whenever the cold nights decide to arrive.

So here's the thing. I am not posting an ad here looking for a girlfriend. I am looking for some ladies to answer a question; What am I doing wrong? Should I act like an idiot and just hoot and holler at women? Should I be rude to women and treat them with indifference? What is it that you ladies truly want?"

No. You need to update your style, if you can call it style. Get a hair cut, lose the glasses, and the ridiculous jacket. Either commit to a full beard or shave that goatee off...What look are you going for? Irish beatnik? Lots of people think they are good looking, intelligent, and funny. Doesn't mean they really are. And none of your friends are going to be a dick and say "Hey, ya know you're kind of annoying and that goatee isn't doing anything for you." No, that's what we're here for. Good day.

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