Monday, December 12, 2011

Dating season is closed - 29

Well, not really. He still wants to reap all the benefits of dating like companionship, intimacy, etc... he just doesn't want to put anything into getting them.

The Cheap Douche Bag says: "Dating season for me is officially closed until Feb. 15. My best friend was dumb enough to get locked down last week with some chick just met. Now he's going to be stuck going to family dinners, buying her a Christmas gift, doing the new years eve thing with her, doing the new years day lunch/dinner with her, and obligated to buy her a valentines day gift as well. God forbid she have a birthday in there too... The worst part is this is the first girl he met after his breakup, barely knows her, and chances are, will probably not be with her after the holidays lol. This is why men have dating season...

Anyways, despite the negativity the previous paragraph portrayed, I hate being single. Who enjoys sleeping alone every night? I will not be "dating" right now. At least, not in the normal sense of the word. I want a casual, no strings, no obligations, no gift buying scenario right now. No Christmas or New Years party requirements.

And I guess if I'm being this open and honest about what I'm looking for, I might as well say "please don't be fat". You don't have to be an athlete, but I'm not a fan of muffin tops or extra skin... Please forgive the "typical mirror pose", but I've seen people on here I know. Send a few pics with your reply, including a face and body, and I'll be happy to send a face pic as well :). "

Here ya go. Found what you're looking for. She's cheap, easy, and only needs air. You can spare some air right? or is that going to be too much trouble for you?  

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