Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You! Yes, you. Read this

Found Corey Haim and Corey Feldman's love child.

Haim-Feldman Love Child says: "Hi,

I am a logically-minded, affectionate, geeky guy, looking for a girl who has a kind and considerate nature, who is willing to hang out and let romance occur in a natural fashion. That might sound all too corny, but that's how I roll, dammit; I am corny-incarnate. Hobby-wise, I love to play video games, read, waste time on the internet, and all the other things that come with the 'nerd' package. This has made me somewhat introverted by nature, but nature itself does call out to me from time to time, as I would quite love to explore the world, go camping, fishing, hiking, and so on. As long as I have someone to do it with (or a group, even), I am down for adventure.

I would describe myself as: 5'10", a big guy, 23-years-old, an Atheist, a critical thinker, a casual drinker, a non-smoker, a non-drug-user, and an all around odd sort. But hey, the best things in life are odd! -- Or was that free? -- No matter, I'm free too!

I am self-employed, and quite busy now that it is Christmas time, but I am down to make time to meet someone new.


The happy couple.

Love child working on his smirk to the left.

Smirk to the right.

Annnd back to the left. Ready for show biz? Oh yea! 

Think Feldman was probably the "mom".

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