Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seeking Zombie Apocalypse Partner

Avid Outdoorsman says: "I'm in search of a wonderful woman who could hold her own and make a great strategic team with me in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Must be fit, loyal, and able to think on your feet. You must not only be able to drive with great speed and precision, but also not be hesitant to run over people (Love running people over. Do it every Sunday.)(this means undead people of course, if you're the type who likes to run over living people, I'm afraid we may not click) (Oh, guess I should have kept reading before getting excited.). I'm a 22 year old avid outdoorsman. I know many places in WNC which I'm confident would be safe from zombies. You and I together will be the last hope for the human race should a group of animal-rights activists break into a laboratory and free infected monkeys from their cages (brownie points if you can tell me which movie that happened in) (Does anyone not know what movie that was?). I ask that your prove your worth in the art of zombie killing by playing Nazi Zombies with me on Call of Duty at Game Xcape off Patton Ave (this will be our 1st 'date' with death). Your pic gets mine. Racists look elsewhere."

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