Monday, December 19, 2011

Im the cat pajamas will u be the lucky one

Cat's Pajamas says: "here i am, single no kids yet wudnt mind a family now, own home and business funnee as hell make u laff so much ull pee ur panties lol, wudnt mind a relationship with the right one , wherer is she, i know she s out there anyway happy holidays ladies, call me ,,,"

This is him once upon a time. Don't mind the dirty socks or filthy floor there in the background.

This is him some time and pounds later. Just a wild guess here but he probably spent more time drinking than reading in college.

And finally we get to now.

What's the point of showing the high school picture? Are you hoping that someone will see it and think "Well, he use to be decent"? Because really it's just kind of depressing.

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