Sunday, May 20, 2012

Decided to procreate? Anyone want to get pregnant - m4w - 27

 It's been a while since we've seen a baby maker on Studs of CL.

Baby Maker says: "I posted this ad before and received only one real response from a female asking if I was real. Yes I am real! Also as a side note, I suspect this ad will get a lot of creepy gay guys replying with some breeding fetish. So to avoid this, I ask that you be willing to talk on the phone early on. I just want to make sure you are real and sane :) First we can email about logistics, who wants to keep the baby, some info about ourselves, then talk from there.

Hi! I took a trip over the summer and almost got into a head on collision and realized I could easily die without having kids....I figure I could donate sperm/have some amazing sex to a woman or couple that needs this and have some off spring should an accident happen (Or here's a crazy idea... You could get into a meaningful, long lasting relationship, and procreate after spending an appropriate amount of time getting to know each other! Thus, skipping the whole weird making babies with strangers on Craigslist thing you've got going on here.). Alas I am 27, professional and can get any testing you want!

Thanks for Reading!

ps-I have posted before without luck and obviously finding the right person for this will take time so I can wait."

Well, unless you get struck by lightening, run over by a bus, gnawed to death by rats, or something of that nature.... Then you probably wouldn't be able to wait.

 Like how he added some extra length on there.

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