Friday, May 18, 2012

free free free and me me me hot to trot and why not give it a shot

Hot to Trot says: "Seeking single female!!!!

Well, I know you have a heart beat. Are there a few brain cells floating in the bowl too...

I am a Single White Male- Clean cut, not drugs (Glad you are not drugs. The last guy we dated was meth. Sure you can imagine the problems that caused.), athletic, blondish, blue, 5'12", seeking same- (Hey there. Ummm... you are 6' tall. 12"= 1'. Or was that a test of our intelligence?)

And all I get out of this so far is one friend and 256 spam and a few bots, oh and one drag queen. Throw me a bone!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sure the drag queen would be much obliged.)

I am interested in a woman between 23 and 43 who is intelligent, fun, entertaining, Kind,
Compassionate, and wants to dress up, hang out for an eventing! (Eventing! Love eventings! Jeez...) Clean/ no baggage/ healthy life style/ alive (The dead must be feeling so dejected.)
Tell me the Seattle landmarks and I will:::: 1. know it is not spam.. 2. Be impressed ha ha ha 3. Door #3 is a gift! (if you are selected) (Is it herpes?)
Be beautiful Inside and Out! Typically I am attracted to Brunettes. But I am open to all races (Believe most, if not all, races can be brunette.). And if I blow into your ear and you  say thank you for the re fill - Just forgetta bout it." (Fffffffff Fffffffffff Ffffffff. You're welcome.)

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