Monday, May 28, 2012

Wishing to breed with Native American Woman

Well, this may be surprising to you but most women (yes, even the ones willing to make babies with strangers on Craigslist) don't like to think of making babies as "breeding". Breeding is a term usually reserved for describing the way domestic animals get it on, not people. 

Wishing to Breed says: "Mine is Swedish/Irish - Cherokee/Choktaw blood. There is still time to make some beautiful babies. For the future. Advanced breeds will rule."
Judging by your picture you are more Irish than not, but like a lot of the other people living in this country you are really just a European mutt. Not saying we agree with the stereotypes, but Irish has never been on the "Advanced Breeds" list. Ever. 

In case we haven't said this enough on Studs of CL.... "Breeding" with strangers is a bad idea. Please refer to our previous post on the subject CLICK HERE .

Wishing to Breed's ad was submitted to Studs of Craiglist by a reader. Thank you! Reader submissions are greatly appreciated.

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