Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enjoy Your Aids

Lurker says: "Been lurking again on CL and notice some things just never change. I'll start with the guys this time, what you do in your personal life is your business BUT when you put it out in the open don't expect everyone to approve. First you have the men looking for "straight guys only" to come over for a little swordplay. Alright let me make something clear, if a dude has sex with another dude that makes him gay (Yea...straight/hetero usually means you don't play swords with your penis. That is correct.). You can call it what you want but just cause the guy you are fucking has a dress on doesn't make it any less gay, you can call it "down low" or w/e but I mean no point hiding it, you like fucking guys what's the big deal? Now I'm not gay myself but no point pretending being something you aren't I mean it's 2012 jesus christ guys stop pretending.

Alright alright fine, now don't think you ladies are off the hook. So many of these "gold digging" women want young military guys but if I recall the Army's pay scale correctly, people in the military actually get paid LESS then civilians but have to work more (This is correct.). I got buddies in the military I got no problem with the military, but just some of the ads I read of the women make me down right sad.
"My husband is away let's play" like really wtf lady (Maybe we need to start reading those ads...)? Weren't you just on here a few years ago looking to marry a military guy? Now you want to cheat on him when he's at work or deployed..but guess what! Jokes on both of you because when he is at work and you are fucking some stranger in your marital bed, he's out on the down low crossing swords with Tyrona in his new pink dress. THUG LIFE. (For real.)

Anyway to both parties enjoy your aids."

Ahhh.... Fayetteville, such a special place with its bounty of tranny hookers on Bragg Blvd (in case you'd like to know where to find them).


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