Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My kids need a mommy

First, meet the kids!


That's goat for "Hi, kids!" or something like that....

Goat Dad says: "As you can see I have a lot of kids and they need a mommy." 

Uh huh.

Now, let's meet this dashing fellow.


Which of course means "My, your charming good looks are startling." or something like that...

Goat Dad also says: "I still live with my parents (Why is that not surprising?) and hope that is not a problem because the 20 acres we live on will be all mine some day. Don't get me wrong I take care of myself, no one makes my bed or does my laundry or fixes my meals except me (You can wipe  your own ass. That's great, but how about money, car, and other adult-like aspects of life?), I am very self reliant. I am looking for a relationship (He can't have those goats growing up motherless. No telling what kind of heathens they'll turn out to be.) ."

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  1. This cat has on a kool-aid shirt...