Wednesday, May 2, 2012

back in the game - 23

Trash Collector says: "I like to hunt, fish and do pretty much anything outdoors.... I am easy to get along with, have fun in small groups of people hanging out doing whatever.. I drink on occasion but not all the time.. I like to smoke bud, and I used to do heavy drugs. Days long past me now. My kids changed my whole perspective on life. I like pretty much all music as long as it has a good beat and a solid message....I love animals I just cant have any where I live. :( sad day. I am divorced now I have two beautiful children that do not live with me unfortunately but I do take my opportunity to see them when I can... Kinda lost trust in women but I'm hoping I can find someone that can change that for me... I just wanna meet some new people and see where things go...Iv had enough "casual" encounters I suppose and I want to meet someone that can I can call mine and she calls me hers. If you're interested please get at me... With summer coming up work schedule is tight and my funds are not always the greatest but I can make a trip if its only a little more than an hour one way and still be able to take you on a date. See what happens"

See all that trash back there? Yea, where your dining table use to be. There's this can outside where it goes. If you just walk like maybe 10 or 12 feet more past the table to your front'll probably find it out there somewhere. We know how heavy drug use and smoking bud can make people kind of forgetful. Just thought we'd help out.

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