Friday, May 18, 2012

soft quilled dork-upine wanted

Mellow Vertebrate says: "Hiya . been a ticky year for me so far (You have ticks? That's kind of gross.) . 4 . all plucked and flushed. How are you? (Still a little grossed out by your tick problem.)

I am a quiet , mellow vertebrate. I'm not chimey or fabulous. I'm in stock and on the shelf. go ahead and scan me. I'm clearance! How are you ? (We love a good deal and shop the clearance rack for clothes and shoes. Ya know, that sort of thing. Not sure we want any men from the clearance section, though....)

I'd like to spend occassional time with a pretty and kind woman. I'm looking for lifestyle, personality, behavioral similarities , and some superficial cosmetic appeal (chemistry ). How are you? (Wondering why you keep asking how we are and if this is something you do in person...)

I enjoy quietude, nature, music and poetry.

I abhor materialism , yammering , cruelty , and ego-stank (Don't think anyone likes stank anything.). How are you? (Fine. Thank you for asking. How are you? Did you take your medicine today?)

anyway , I'm real . cool, calm & collected . funny , but not whacky. hate whacky! but love quirky ... if you are Q , not W , you'll get the diff (How about neither. Where's that option? Pie, please.).

if interested , send pic & write something about local area please. like ... Agava on Pine Street ??? woulda preferred a White Castle .... maybe, not sure.


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