Monday, July 23, 2012

Cutie with a big booty? Ass like Whoa! I am dying to find you

Seeking Booty says: "Hey baby,do you got a nice behind that makes white guys shout? (From our experience white guys do not usually partake in that sport.) I really want to find me a cutie with a nice booty that I can watch you walk by and just have my jaw drop to the floor because that ass is like whoa (Because ya know women everywhere love it when men stare at them as they walk by. Make sure you add in some grunting noises for good measure.). Please come to me and let me worship you like a man should.

Let me buy you panties and watch you walk around for me. Let me spoil you boo! (You are spoiling women by buying them panties and letting them walk around for you? Seems you may have that backwards, but maybe we're missing something.)"

The really sad thing is there are probably women who are genuinely interested in this nonsense.

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