Thursday, July 26, 2012

partners in crime

Hillbilly Samurai says: "I'm looking to meet my equal (His equal in the skills of wielding a sword and wearing a pair of overalls....). I'm tired of the women who expect everything and give nothing in return (No nookie, no dice.). I have a job working part time...trying to start school in the fall and get my degree in diesel technology. I just want something real. Forgive me for saying 'I' all the time... (It'd be kind of weird if you were saying "we" already. After all, we hardly know each other.) but I'm just trying to put out there what i want. I want a woman who has tattoos and piercings as I have both of those (Very important.). I want a woman who likes to hunt, camp, and fish...but not only that know how to survive in the wild if it came to that (i.e. He ditches you naked in the woods somewhere.). Hell...I just need a good woman."

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