Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm better looking than Stephen Hawking and smarter than Brad Pitt

Smart Ass says: "I am a smartass
I love food
I am fortunate to have a great group of friends and an awesome family
Central Market is the greatest store in history of the world. Don't even try to argue the point, move on.
I am loyal
I am nice to strangers
I don't look like the picture I posted in this ad (Whew... that's good.)
I'm no root either
I always return a grocery cart to the stall
I enjoy reading
Comfortable silence is great
I have never put razor blades in candy (This is a quality more women should be looking for in a man.)
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. All the fun and none of the fuss
I really need to travel more
I like big hugs.The tighter you squeeze the better
I like garage sales and flea markets
I like beer and whiskey
Did you just say "road trip"? let's go!
I am forgetful
I have rain man like math skills
Cats are cool
Dogs are better
I've surfed the entire internet
Nobody can out google me
I love politics, but I'm not political
I'm a news junkie
I can cook my ass off
Sometimes I cuss
Why drive if you don't have too
I'm kind of a workaholic
I tell really long stories
I sometimes forget and repeat my really long stories
Sometimes I forget and rerepeat my really long stories
I love all candy of the gummy persuasion
Festivals kick ass
I can make inappropriate comments at times
I like the smell of fresh laundry
I am pretty spontaneous
I will never tell you I'm doing good, always well or fine
I will tell you that you look pretty
I love finding a hole in the wall (Really.... Maybe you will be interested in Secret Glory Hole)
I will kiss you on your neck
I'm not jealous
I don't mind walking
When the weather is nice I will always want to sit on the patio
I'll bring you soup when you are sick
I love a good farmers' market
I can be a bit scatter brained
I like to bike
I'll meet your folks
Nothing beats sleeping to a thunderstorm
l'll give you that "I'm so into you look" when we are in a room full of people
I'll try my best
I'll like it when you can finish my thought
I'll really dig it when you are wearing my tshirt
You can have the last piece of cake (Damn right.)
I can't spel
I'm kind of messy but I always put the toilet seat down
I can bbq
I like to swim
I shower daily and occasionally take baths.
When things are at there worst I will stand by you.
I'll go get the car when it is raining
I'll know how your hair smells
I'll love waking up next to you. .

So what am I looking for. Dang I wish I knew exactly. If I did I think I would have found it by now."


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