Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wats good im jesse im 19 lookin for a cute bad girl

Could be your chance to hook up with a rap artist (aka rapper) before he makes it big!!! Only skinny, bad girls should inquire, though. He's got standards.

Upcomin Rap Artist Says: "im jesse hasty im 19 looking for a cute white or black girl ages from 18 to 24 lives in topeka ks skinny if thats u hmu ima upcomin rap artist"

And in the event being  a rap artist (aka rapper) doesn't work out for you, your back up plan is....?

Picture moment in the shampoo aisle at Walmart
Ya know how rap artists gotta keep their lyrics dope and their hair clean. Word.

And the only way wearing sunglasses inside is okay is if you are blind. Since you didn't mention being blind in your ad, we're going to have to assume you are just an idiot.

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