Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tip of the Week

Each week we'll offer some obvious advice for improving your personal ad experience and keeping yourself off of the Studs List.

Last week's tip was about describing your status without scaring people away. This week we're going to discuss the desire to procreate.

Your loins may be burning with the urge to create human life and while that is a natural desire... doing so with someone you do not know or randomly find on Craigslist is a terrible idea. Here's a small list of reasons in the event you were deprived of oxygen at birth and do not understand why:

  • STD's, some of which are incurable
  • Unknown mental health issues
  • The fact that you will be permanently attached to a person you do not know for the rest of your life. Why is that bad you ask? You will stop liking this person but by the time you realize it, it will be too late for take backs.
  • Child support sucks. Think of it as taking out a $100,000+ loan that you have to repay over the course of 18 years.  

To sum it up: Don't give sperm to strangers.

(Image has been censored by Studs of Craigslist)            

This week's tip has been brought to you by Jon Boy , About to Get Snipped, and countless others on Craigslist.  

Until next week...   

Happy Dating!

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