Monday, April 30, 2012

Discreetly Desiring DDD Cups or biGGGer

Breast Worshiper says: "Oh, Craigslist, thank you for you. How else is one supposed to discreetly advertise their burning nEEd for large, heavy, natural breasts, capped with large, gum drop nipples and wide, soft aureolas? And the smart, sassy, gorgeous women who own them?

Tall, predominantly normal (see above;), hilarious, gregarious, quadruple Scorpio, blue-eyed, fit, nature-loving, technology-loving, breast-worshiping professional seeks similar, only thicker (and a breast-worshiping worshiper, or something...), softer, voluptuous-er, sensuous goddess of truly staggering proportions interested in conversation, stimulation, and general all around intercourse (ah, did I just say that???) and preferably loves the bottomless attention from a truly committed breast man who knows his way around DDD cups and beyond:). Please put your cup size in the title.

Have the best day ever."

Just something to ponder.... Why would a "sensuous goddess of truly staggering proportions" (We're thinking Jessica Rabbit here) be browsing the personal ads on Craigslist? There seems to be some misconception that women with large busts have difficulty finding a man to paw at them. We assure you there is no "breast worshiper" shortage! Quite the opposite, actually...

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