Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can I be your Candy Man

Seeking Vagina, Does Not Discriminate says: "I am looking for someone who is not looking for money in exchange, but satisfaction (Hookers, he ain't got no money.). I desire a woman who thick is this in all the right places, nice legs, round ass, nice tits, and cute face. Race is no issue, because I don't discriminate. I would leave my number, but a photo will do. To reach me, reply with a real photo and what you want you would like to do. I just want a woman to feel good as I do, not just bust a nut and go (Such a gentleman.). I want you to feel like you belong to me, as I to you. I'm not looking for a wife or relationship (So in what way do you belong to each other? Obligatory booty calls?). I know most women refer to men as dogs, but I am here being up front as possible  (And since he is being upfront that he wants to hit and quit it he is not being a dog. He is a kind and honest soul.). I can keep it real with you as long as you keep it real with me (It's always good to close with a cliche saying.)."

Never heard of a Candy Man before, so I conducted a little research on the internet. According to good ole Google Candy Man refers to a song by the rapper Dirty. Here is a sample of the lyrics: 

"I'm killin' 'em softly every time I get 'em down on they knees. I know you want these N-U-T's"

"Silly whore don't you know that my game got you goin' for broke"

This next one is my personal favorite...
"When this night is over ain't no need for you to call me no mo' Cause I'm headed to the next show To get the next whore to scheme her outta all her dough"

A Candy Man kind of sounds like an asshole to me. Moral: Always do your research.


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