Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my girls actin like a brat are you the woman for me

About to be single is almost the same thing as single, right? No. Starting a relationship with someone who is preparing to be single is a horrible idea. Maybe one of the worst dating ideas ever.

Probably Gay says: "NO DUDES PLEASE NOT MY PREFERENCE now like the posting says my girl is actin like a brat and don't know how good she has it gettin tired of her crap and now I'm looking I am about to be single I'm 26 own my own businesses construction-mechanics-landscapping-and computer repair I work a lot and this just makes it easier to find someone cause I usually stay busy yeah it comes with running ur own business I am a jack of all trades can fix anything I am 6ft tall 190 Lbs I'm not fat all muscle very athletic and loads of stamina ima bit on the kinky side have 10" pierced yeah you might want it a few times but can u handle it every night atleast 1 -3 times letting me hit that gut or throat without bieng too big shit I get tired of hearing that be my pornstar woman and take it all - all of the time whenever where ever I got a lot of fantasys to fulfill YOUR PIC GETS MORE OF MINE AND MY CELL NUMBER NO PIC NO REPLY AND AGAIN NO DUDES I AM STRAIGHT AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE WOMEN ONLY THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY"

Sounds like your girl's got it sweet with all that gut and throat hitting you're doing and stuff. Yea... 

How does someone like you own a business? Think out of all of this that is the really important thing here, because you seem like an idiot.

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