Friday, September 14, 2012

Use what ya have to motivate

 Are you looking for a community service project?

Think of your vagina as a carrot.....

Biggest Loser says: "I am looking for a woman to become my motivation. I am a tall, bald headed, fat guy that recently started working out and get exercise. I am looking for a woman that will act as my motivator to lose more weight. This is a very strange relationship request and may be considered more of an arrangement. But I am looking for the "HOT" currently out of my league, out of my reach woman that will motivate me to lose. I am not asking for you to "put out" tomorrow but however, maybe use it to reach certain goals set by my motivator. I'm looking for a sexy individual that is willing to NOT put out until which time i've reach certain goals and earned that reward. The person will be nice, soft, NOT a bitch, is willing to become a cheering section during exercise like basketball etc. Must be willing to be seen with me through out this relationship including in my "fat" state now. I am looking for arm candy so this person will need to be thin, look good in a bathing suit, (two piece) flirty, short, I prefer red hair over any but the darker your hair the better. I have a glasses fetish so if you wear those that is even better. Athletic with a good body proportion.

(You want a sexy, red head, with glasses who will come be your personal cheerleader for nothing in return but maybe the satisfaction of helping you?? It must be nice in that fantasy world of yours. Here in reality people have lives.)

Let's chat if this add intrigues you. There are no obligations to chat. (Really? Thought by reading this we were automatically under contract to chat with you. Whew...)

If you are a student and MSU that is a plus. A lot of my working out is being done at the NEW rec center. So I have been working out. I'm not looking for someone to do the work for me, just someone to get close too, build a relationship and hang with regularly, even work out with. I'm NOT looking for drama, I'm looking for a woman to use her power over men to the fullest to get ME motivated to eat right, lose weight and boost MY self confidence.
If you do not agree with this add then don't respond or post to it. To each their own.

Is my motivator out there? For the record I only need to lose about 85 lbs to be fit and thin.

I will only respond to replies with the subject line "Basketball". I've gotten a crap ton of spam."

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