Thursday, September 27, 2012

I could be "that guy" please give me a chance

That Guy says: "You could be my "it girl" and I could be "that guy". That guy that calls or texts just to let you know he's thinking of you. That guy that would buy you something just to make you smile. That guy that's always happy and wants to make you happy. That guy that doesn't know there's any other woman in the world because he only sees you. That guy that will ignore your flaws and love you for who you are. That guy that you would brag about to your friends. That guy that loves to go out and do things instead of staying in all the time. That guy that would take care of you when your sick if you wanted him to. That guy that would never cheat or lock his phone or play childish games. That guy that's been hurt and knows how it feels and would never put anyone else through it. That guy that would stick up for you if someone said something bad about you. That guy that would love you for the rest of his life. I want to change my fb status.....please let me be that guy. Right now I'm just a Single white guy with his life in order, waiting to be that guy. Why am I not that guy now? I'm used to dating poodles, not looking for that guy. They are used to being used and use people and hurt them. I look younger than I am, usually date women in their mid 20's but that hasn't been what I really want. I want a real relationship with mutual affection. Put " Pumped up kicks" or any other song in title so I know your not spam, no song, I won't read. I posted a car on here and got tons of spam :( Your photo gets mine."

Poodles, you say? What are you looking to date now? Labradors? This metaphor is making me uncomfortable... 

Classy. Have a feeling you are already "that guy". That guy that likes to blow hot air up people's asses, that is.

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