Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nerdasaurus Rex, RAWR!!!

 CASEY!(TM) says: "Like to watch cartoons? Play video games? Peruse book stores? Listen to tons of music? Walk through thrift stores? Shoot down Spy planes with your laser eyes? WELL, then have I got the perfect man for you! It's CASEY!(TM), new from NERDY brand toys! CASEY!(TM) comes packed with Saxophone and Guitar attachments for realistic style playing action! CASEY!(TM) also comes with a MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY(TM) playset, in which to stage his many awesome, rad, and totally tubular Nazi killing adventures! Or you can just make him get a degree in Jazz Studies-Performance. You know, whatever you wanna do. CASEY!(TM) even comes with an enormous variety of taste in music and literature, including but not limited to Sufjan Stevens, Modest Mouse, the Tallest Man on Earth, Local Natives, fun., Mark Mothersbaugh, Flight of the Conchords, Busdriver, Aesop Rock, The Morning Benders, Andrew Bird, Surfer Blood, Mike Mignola, JRR Tolkein, Geroge RR Martin, Frank Miller, Miguel de Cervantes, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Isaac Asimov, and Theodore Sturgeon. CASEY!(TM) even loves movies! All kinds of movies! I mean, what else could you want? Huh? What do ya think punk? Huh? (Probably someone just a little bit more sane I'd suppose - Ed.) Hey, shut up Editor! This is my show 'round 'ere! (Yea, sure, Whatever - Ed.)

(woooo crazy talk and just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier he added in a fake person to talk to!)


But in all seriousness, I'm a pretty normal dude with a weird sense of humour and a lot of arts-y interests who's looking for someone else to be in mutual weirdness with.

I'm about 5'11"-6' tall, 200 lbs. Preeeeeeeetty freaking average in that regard.


Also, I'm an Atheistic Agnostic. So, if you're not cool with people who don't prescribe to religion, then... well, yea, that kind of explains itself.


I hope to hear back from some cool/exciting/out there individuals and what not :3"

He can stick guitar picks to his forehead. 

He can also draw pictures of himself sticking guitar picks to his forehead. 

He wears the hideous sweaters his grandma gives him at Christmas....


He can grow some serious sideburns. 

And is awesome at pretending to be a warrior. 

That's something, right? 

On a side note, shooting down spy planes with our laser eyes does totally rock. Love that. Do it all the time. CASEY!(TM), however, is not the perfect man for us.

Cartoon depiction of Studs of Craigslist creator shooting down a spy plane with laser eyes.

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