Monday, March 12, 2012

FlourDaddy Looking for a FlourBaby

FlourDaddy Says: "Sometimes in life, you have to look out for yourself. Sometimes you run a little low of coins. What you gona do? There are a few things you really enjoy doing so, why not make a few coins doing it. I don't see anything wrong with two willing adults working out a mutual friendship. NOW, you got the picture, now get the goods. Place "COINS" in the subject area so I will know you are not a DUMBASS. Send me a few revealing pics of your HOT body that you think will make me want to call you..............Don't send me NO BULLSHIT website to chase.....Homey don't play that game."

Wait, what? Who's giving who coins? Maybe the coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet, but we don't get your code speak. 

So confused.... And we might really be interested in this too, if we just knew what was going on. Where do we put the coins??? ahhh!

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