Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I want a GF/roomate

Real Easy on the Eyes Says:

"I never had a roomate/girlfriend
i want a girl to come live with me,
downtown ithaca apt 2bdrms
help me with rent
help me with some great sex
we got the whole summer!
i am real easy on the eyes
i got a job
D&D free non drinker ex smoker
no pets you can't bring any
i have pet bird
you should be 30-45
have job!
have a brain as well.
are not a drunken alchy
if you smoke you must smoke OUTSIDE!!!!!!!
pitch in with cleaning apt
be my friend
be my lover
be MY G.F."

Okay... Why don't you just look for a girlfriend? What is going on with the roommate thing? Girlfriends typically pitch in with rent. It doesn't necessarily make them a roommate. They even clean and go for the occasional ride on the baloney pony. So, you're either roommates that sleep together or you are in a relationship. Have you never lived with a woman? Have you dated a woman? Blow-up dolls do not count. 

Being that you are 45 and have never had a "roommate girlfriend", we're guessing you are not all that easy on the eyes and based off of this "roommate girlfriend" fantasy you have here, you are probably extremely challenged in the maturity department as well. By any chance do you still collect comic books? How many pairs of super hero underwear do you own? 

So many questions (sigh).... 

Real Easy on the Eyes' ad was submitted to Studs of Craigslist by a reader. Thanks! Reader submissions are always appreciated.

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