Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sexy cowboy looking

Sexy Cowboy says: "Read closely before responding. If you have any rejection's to anything below, Do NOT respond, don't waits my time (What?), cause i won't be a waist of you'rs!!!(Wouldn't want you to be a "waist" of ours either. Not even really sure how that would work. Our time probably already has a waist. A slim one.... yeeea.)  My name is Tyler, I'm 25, no kids, and I'm looking for a jump into everything, long term relationship. I don't mind if you have children. I am not gay or no (Not feeling the conviction in that statement. You sure? You can take some time to think about it.), so no guys reply. I'm also not into big girls, sorry. Thick is fine, not big though. I am real, you must be as well (Arrrgh....if only I were a real girl.). If your not ready for a long term, and are not frisky, do not reply. I'm ready for everything, including sex, so if I like you, I'm gonna wanna do it (Nice.). Maybe even on first night (Extra nice.), who knows (We know.). So if you won't, or are not down with that, don't reply. (Okay...)



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