Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Must Be Crazy! Seriously!!!

An opportunity for the crazies out there! Hooray! Because providing crazies with the possibility to reproduce is exactly what we need more of in this world.

Seeking Crazy says: "Recently Separated. I have children. I spend time with my children EVERY DAY! My ex-wife lives with me and our children and that is not going to change any time soon. We sleep in different rooms, alternate "nights out" and weekends off... We continue to be good friends and partners in parenting who are trying to make our situation as easy as possible for each other. I am self employed but not rich. Most of my money is spent feeding my children and paying my mortgage... That is not to say that I'm broke, but I am on a budget... I love my old beat up Camry. I am well dressed, clean and always "Presentable" but I am NOT overly concerned with my looks or lack of style. I'm smart, well educated, quite a "smart ass" and have a Monty Pythonesque sense of humor. I am 5.5, 145 lbs, very athletic. I spend about 16 hours a week working out. Although I would like to have a strong, long-term, emotionally fulfilling relationship, I do understand the limiting factors of my current "situation" and my new partner should as well! I am looking for a woman who is inclined to sexual experimentation and is comfortable with a more "alternative" sexual lifestyle. I believe that GREAT SEX happens between partners who understand each others desires and fetishes and go out of their way to please one another. There has to be a give and take both ways in a good relationship! ;) I'm looking for a good natured, Easy Going, Freak Nasty, one of a kind Open, Honest & Emotionally Mature ... Partner... If you're still reading and thinking that I sound like a perfect or at least acceptable "Partner" then, You're probably Freaking Nuts ... And therefore exactly the woman I'm looking for. I can talk, text, trade pics, or whatever makes you feel comfy before we meet in person... So, hurry up, what are are waiting for?! ;)"

 Bonus points if you also look like a rhino!

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