Saturday, April 21, 2012

hey ladies


Kyle says: " i am a college student. looking for a girl thats shy or not shy (Sooo... basically you are just looking for a girl? Yea... Ok.). but i want a relationship for real (Because for fake would suck). she shouldnt be afraid of sex i kno i like sex. (NO WAY! Really?! Do you like money too?) i text alot (I didn't know alot texted. *If you don't know what an alot is  click here ). if u wanna talk hmu. im a pledgemaster and know how to have a good time (Wooo eee! You know how to drink a shit load of cheap beer too?! Where on earth have you been all of our life?)

if u wanna talk email me make sure u put "Hello kyle" as the subject and send me ur number u can verify me that way. im tired of the spam just be urself."

Ummm... Your hair. What is that? Bleached mullet? You have a bleached mullet and are wearing a wife beater. Why? : (

Kyle looks like he could have been an extra in Idiocracy! Also think Kyle is an excellent example of why college just isn't for everyone. It is okay to be a fry boy. People need fries. Fries are not going to cook themselves!

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