Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SWM seeking long term

SWM says: "I have been on dating sites . ( yes I said si i t e s ) (What's that extra "i" for??) haha I have nicknamed my experiences FOOLS GOLD ! People shine like gold online and are tarnished brass in person . haha I am a virgo , tender hearted , kind ,caring ,honest, and direct (Did you lift that out of the horoscopes?). I have an average body type ( just a little bit of a belly ) haha (That's funny because it's a stretch of the truth, right? Otherwise, not seeing the humor.) I am very serious about a long term one on one relationship . If you want to be romanced for the rest of your life (Here's some flowers woman...), and have someone share the housework (...now get me a sandwich.), then drop me a line (haha)"


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