Thursday, April 26, 2012

You Must Comply

Superdouche says: "Me: Dashing, buff, can stop bullets with my chest (Are you willing to back that claim? Because we will gladly shoot you! Best first date ever!)
You: Have something awesome to say.Have to be proportioned from the chest down (You won't mind our huge melon head as long as we have a rack and small waist? Is that what you are trying to say?) Don't really do the BBW thing.*(hamhock arms,sloppy hips,rolls in the waist)

These are my demands

NO ROOFIES (im a shy boy you're going to have to convince me the old fashioned way and i wont be taken advantage of) (Starting to think that bulk order of roofies is gonna go to waste. Damn....)
NO BRA BURNING (especially while you're wearing them if your more than a d cup)
NO SATANIC RITUALS (this one is non negotiable) (Who the hell have you been dating?)"

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